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Manufacture and sale of superfine wire such as nichrome wire (nickel-chromealloy wire) and iron-nickel alloy wire adn other superfine resistance wire.
Manufacturer: Tokyo Resistance Wire Co., Ltd.


Tokyo Resistance Wire technology are
used in "That Product" around you!

Varous metal alloy wires are used in products that are familiar such as automotive parts and smartphones.
We manufacture very fine nichrome wire (nickel -chrome alloy wire) and iron-nickel alloy aire which require micron level accuracy(1/1000m).
Although you may not see the wire directly in your daily life, our wire helps iinovate the end products.

These very fine metal alloy wires are used in various technology for the electronic device and componets to function and supports the world's electronics devices today.

Takayuki Iino, President and Representative Director

Takayuki Iino, President and Representative Director

Processing technology and know-how capable of meeting the strict requirements of product developers and researchers.
Bright annealed (heat-treated resistance wire) with support for 20 microns.

Tokyo Resistive Wire's special alloy thin wires (nichrome, iron chrome, copper nickel, iron nickel, pure nickel, manganese nickel, etc.) are widely used by hundreds of companies and research facilities in Japan and overseas.
Resistance wires are widely used in electronic components such as smartphones, electronic devices, industrial equipment, automotive electrical components, air conditioners, control components around radiators, heaters, electric furnaces, etc.
Since the company's founding, we have been providing technical guidance to major manufacturers, and we have been making products that can meet special requirements by using special processing equipment that we custom-developed.
With our processing technology and know-how that can meet the strictest requirements, we are able to provide consultation to product developers and researchers and back up their product manufacturing.
Our diamond dies, which are necessary for the wire drawing process of metal wires, are periodically calibrated and managed under our own strict control, and are polished and corrected to a high precision of 1/1000mm to produce more accurate resistance wires.

High precision in dimensional tolerances.
Technical support provided from the time of development and design.

Companies and research facilities using Tokyo Resistance Wire's special alloy fine wires (such as Nichrome, iron-chrome, copper-nickel, iron-nickel, pure nickel, and manganese-nickel)
are incredibly diverse, spanning several hundreds both domestically and internationally.

Resistance wires are widely used in a variety of applications, including electronic components and devices like smartphones, industrial machinery, automotive electrical components, air conditioners, control parts around radiators, heaters, and electric furnaces.

Since its founding, the company has utilized its experience in providing technical guidance to major manufacturers to develop custom processing equipment. This allows for the creation of products that meet specialized requirements. With processing technology and know-how capable of meeting stringent demands, the company supports product developers and researchers, offering consultation and backing in product manufacturing.

The company regularly conducts strict calibration management of the diamond dies necessary for drawing metal wires, refining them with high precision to the 1/1000 mm. This meticulous process ensures the manufacturing of more accurate resistance wires.

Product of Bright Annealed (heat-treated resistance wire) with 20 microns.
Product of Bright Annealed (heat-treated resistance wire) with 20 microns.

Production system for ultra-fine wire manufacturing capable of handling everything from mass production to small lot manufacturing.

Production Facilities

  • Drawing machines (20 units)
  • Rolling machines (5 units)
  • Electric furnaces (phase-controlled Kanthal style, 7 units)
  • Winding machines (26 units)
  • Polishing equipment (4 units)
  • Cleaning equipment (5 units)
  • Spiral processing machines (5 units)
  • Other equipment, including testing and measuring instruments.

We manufacture products that cater to a variety of tolerances.
By using intermediate stock, we are able to meet the stringent specifications for mass production of ultra-fine wires, as well as cater to small-lot manufacturing.

Product Photos

We offer a variety of products including Nichrome wire, iron-chrome wire, copper-nickel wire, pure nickel wire, and spiral processed products. We also accept consultations for custom orders. Stock items can be ordered from 10 meters.

Product Photos

Depending on the product and specifications, sales are possible from a minimum of 10 meters. We achieve short delivery times by stocking a wide range of product types. We have a detailed stock of various sizes for each type of metal. Our inventory is designed to accommodate orders starting from small lots, making it suitable for small-scale trials during research and development phases. For inquiries about delivery times and product stock, please send us a message through the email form.

Delivery Time, Stock, and Quotation Request.

history of the Tokyo Resistance Line

Technical cooperation for new product development that has continued since the company's inception.


The founder of Tokyo Resistance Wire Co., Ltd., Yukio Iino, was assigned as a technical researcher at the Naval Technical Research Institute during World War II. In the midst of the war, when Japan was heavily reliant on importing specialized alloys, Iino undertook research and development to manufacture resistance wires domestically. He also provided technical guidance to steel melting manufacturers, demonstrating his significant contribution to the domestic production of these materials during a challenging time.

After World War II, Yukio Iino began working for a manufacturer of resistance wires. Leveraging his technical and research expertise, he became an engineer in the field of electric heating and resistors, developing resistance wires that met specific required specifications. This period marked the start of his significant contributions to the industry.

Photo: Founder Yukio Iino
The father of domestic production of Resistance Wires


Following his tenure at a resistance wire manufacturer, Yukio Iino founded Tokyo Resistance Wire Co., Ltd., aiming to meet the diverse needs of customers with small lot production and sales. This move was driven by his vision to address a broader range of customer requirements, showcasing his dedication to flexibility and innovation in the industry.

Continuing the founder's mission of supporting Japan's manufacturing industry, Tokyo Resistance Wire Co., Ltd. remains committed to providing technical cooperation to many researchers and developers. Despite its small scale, the company plays a crucial role in assisting the creation of new products. This dedication underscores their ongoing impact in the field.

History of Tokyo Resistance Wire

The emphasis at Tokyo Resistance Wire Co., Ltd. is on their delicate and precise manufacturing processes and their inclusive workplace, which employs a diverse workforce including women and individuals of various nationalities.

Resistance wire is produced through a very large number of processes, including processes that require strength and delicate machine operations.

In each of their processes, skilled craftsmen with extensive training utilize their masterful techniques in daily product manufacturing. The work environment includes not only men but also women and foreigners

Japanese and non-Japanese staff communicate in Japanese.

Tokyo Resistance Wire conducts resistance wire manufacturing to support the production of electronic devices developed in the international community, serving clients worldwide.