Company Profile

A company that has continued to meet the challenging and demanding requirements of resistance wire manufacturing

The main business of Tokyo Resistive Wire is the manufacture and sale of special alloy thin wires (resistive wires).
In the companies and laboratories of our business partners, developers are working on new products every day.
Although resistance wires are used in only a small percentage of these products, we are a company that has excelled in precision manufacturing that meets the specifications of very delicate components. The difference between us and other companies is that we often deal with customers who have strict technical requirements or who have almost given up on manufacturing.

Resistance wire is a metal wire that controls the flow of electricity in a circuit, and is used in various electrical and electronic devices around us such as automobiles, smartphones, and other precision devices.

Yukio Iino, the founder of our company, was the first person in Japan to specialize in the manufacture of such resistance wires, and after providing technical guidance to a major manufacturer, he commercialized the manufacture of resistance wires. Since then, we have devoted ourselves solely to the manufacture of resistance wires.

Through the accumulation of know-how and the study of technology over the years, we have been able to respond to needs that cannot be met by companies whose main business is mass production.
By specializing in manufacturing products that satisfy detailed technical requirements, we have earned a reputation as a manufacturing company that demands high precision.

Our products are used in your daily life and in your electronic devices, as our technology is recognized worldwide.

Company name Tokyo Resistance Wire

1-8-29 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Phone number +81-3-3736-5201
FAX number +81-3-3736-5429
President and Representative Director Takayuki Iino
Establishment April 1954
Capital stock 10,000,000 yen
Correspondent Banks Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Kamata Branch
Mizuho Bank, Kamata Branch